Microsoft Excel Tutorial - How To Merge Cells

Microsoft Excel Tutorial - How To Merge Cells

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You can restrict your cells to holding just dates or times, slim down choosing the Date or Time option from the info Validation dialog box. Think about know though is that you may have to squeeze in a date collection. The easiest way to do need to to set the Data drop down box to "Greater Than" and in the Start Date drop down box set the value to 1/1/1900. This means that all dates you enter will be valid as soon as the 1 January 1900 and please remember to end up by pressing the OK button. Now try and enter an invalid the date. You will notice as soon whenever try to move off the cell and also generate a mistake.


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Usually selecting how to subtract multiple cells in excel being a text separator is an adequate choice nevertheless, you can select other separators as well in the "Convert Table to Text" dialog case.